Exciting news #2

I'm taking Rohan back to the homeland for a few weeks!

It's my baby brother's 21st, so we're visiting family for the first few days, then I'm taking Rohan on the camper van trip dreams are made of!

If anyone wants to catch up, or join us on our adventures, contact me here


And my first exciting news for 2017 is...

I am now an assistant tutor for Photoh - a photography group class that meets once a fortnight at different locations around Sydney, where I help teach the fundamentals of photography!

It's amazing how rewarding it is. So far I've done two classes, and already learned so many things! That's what I love about photography - there's always something to learn! It's practically impossible to know everything!

2017 is off to a fantastic start, and I have so many more exciting things to share with you, so keep your eyes peeled!

2016 round up!

It was super hard picking my favourite images from through out the year, which is proof I was blessed with an uncountable amount of new friends and self-made family! So THANK YOU so so much for making 2016 so amazing for me, and I simply can not wait to see what adventures 2017 has in store! X

There's no place like home...

My mother paid for me to return home for my birthday! I spent the week doing the usual: documenting my family with my camera; trying new techniques; catching up with old friends; regenerating and rejuvenating in general :)

It was a perfect flight into Wellington (practically unheard of, thanks to the winds)

It was a perfect flight into Wellington (practically unheard of, thanks to the winds)

My siblings and I chased a sunset to the river for a mini portrait session (semi against their will)

Elena turned the camera on me, too...

Elena turned the camera on me, too...

Then we shot off to the nearest beach, Petone, for some stunning ocean/sunset combos!


And they helped me by being human tripods when it came to trying out some self portraits...

I introduced them to Astro Photography, and they obliged, yet again, to be my human points of interest

A few days later, my grandparents came down to visit. I decided it was about time I documented their adorable little life - my grandad used to be a builder, so he converted an old school bus into a house bus for him and my dear granny to travel the country in:

Barbara and Terry Beaver, with their adorable puppy, Minnie

Barbara and Terry Beaver, with their adorable puppy, Minnie

My best friend, Matt, just so happened to be in town (just kidding - I planned the trip for when he was in Wellington, too, so we could see each other before he moved to the UK!)

matt eller

Our tradition is Burger Fuel, gelato, walking along the waterfront, then catching up over a cheeky cider in bean bags on the grass at St John's Bar.

matt eller 2

While staying with my mother, I figured it was about time to show off her impressive teddy bear collection. This wasn't even half of it...

My dad had to work most of the time I was in town this time around, so I visited him at the hospital instead. He's an Emergency Department nurse with two PhD's, so they have to call him Dr Nurse Doug!

I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such loving, caring, supportive people. You're all beautiful in your own way, and I wouldn't change you for the world. I love you all, and appreciate each and every single little thing you do for me. Xx

Blue Mountains Adventures

This one time, Rohan Hinton and I chased a sunset through the mountains. It led us to an abandoned castle in a wild field, where we pulled both serious and silly faces for each other


Another time, Rohan and I were joined by some friends, and we all drove to Hargraves Lookout, which looks over the Megalong Valley, about fifteen minutes from Blackheath.

image courtesy of Taygan Bassi

image courtesy of Taygan Bassi

Fog creeping over Katoomba as the town's people slumber...


Taygan Bassi

Rohan Hinton and Taygan Bassi have rapidly become two of my favourite people here in Sydney, and we're honestly like the three musketeers!

One Sunday, we decided to venture out to Wattamolla Beach for a mini portrait adventure. We quickly threw together some outfits, and packed my lensbaby spark to play with! We found our own little spot hidden away from others, and ventured into the long grass and shallow waters to produce some of my most beloved portraits to date.

This gorgeous soul is hauntingly beautiful, both inside and out. I've developed an extremely deep admiration of our friendship and her many, many talents.

At the bottom of this post is a mini video I made with my lensbaby spark - let me know what you think!

model:  Taygan Bassi