It was time to go home...

There's nothing quite like going home to family after a momentous life changing event has occurred. I am so lucky to have the family I have - they are amazingly supportive, and would do absolutely anything for me at the drop of a hat.

I spent two weeks at my dad's, and we took this opportunity to visit my Granna (she couldn't decide between Granny and Nana!) This courageous woman has been battling emphysema for coming on seven years, and she's still going strong! At one stage she even recognised that her organs were failing and took herself to hospital (she used to be a paramedic/ambulance driver). Her mother was the first female dentist in NZ, so after those two, I've got some big shoes to fill! 


The two main men in my life and I got up before the sun, and took to the road straight away! I've never seen the Kapiti Coast so calm...

roadtrip - nat mcds

Every road trip calls for McDonald's for breakfast (and obviously multiple smoke breaks and sneak photos hehe please excuse how rude my kid brother is!)

roadtrip - taihape

Nothing quite like being a tourist in my own country... Every year, Taihape holds an interesting event. Can anyone guess what it involves?

roadtrip - mt ruapehu

I've been along Dessert Road countless times, and this was by far the best day for the trip. We couldn't have asked for better weather - Mt Ruapehu was absolutely breathtaking.

roadtrip - ruapehu surroundings

Yes, these are real bones... It's interesting what you can find when you go on an adventure!

roadtrip - picking citrus

My Granna's chicken coupe was filled to the brim with citrus trees - lemons, oranges, and even this odd looking fruit not sold in stores called a lemonade (like a lemon, but sweeter!)

roadtrip - feeding sheep

So people do actually have pet sheep in their backyards in rural NZ - my Granna's neighbour had four! And my goodness they eat anything and everything! (including my hand...)

roadtrip - feeding chickens

My uncle John fed the chickens so they'd come out from hiding so I could take a photo of them! 

roadtrip - granna cleaning

We picked around five buckets worth of fruit, and my dear Granna washed every single last one.

roadtrip - granna's house

Clockwise from top left - home made preserves that Granna sells at the local market; original old school comic books; actual green eggs, from a grey chicken; images of my great grandma and grandpa (Granna's mum and dad).

roadtrip - granna sorting images

Granna going through her belongings and playing a bit of show and tell (everyone knows I LOVE this game!) She divided what was left between us. I got a hand drawn sketch of the streets of London by my architect grandfather from before he moved to NZ.

roadtrip - with granna

Please excuse the candid shots - I just really love these sorts of photos. So pure and true to who the people in them really are.

roadtrip - te kuiti

(I love being a tourist! hehe)

roadtrip - nathaniel riverside

I'm pretty sure he's sick of me pointing my camera in his face, but he's just such a handsome, well-rounded young man, and I love him to pieces x