We headed south on a Saturday afternoon, and stayed the night at a quiet little town called Tumut (and received a free room upgrade - thanks, Amaroo Hotel) We got up before the crack of dawn and the place was just covered in ice!


The whole reason for us to arrive in this area for sunrise was to witness the beauty and serenity of Laurel Hill and the Sugar Pine Walk without the disturbances of other humans. The below-freezing temperatures and creepy dirt roads were absolutely worth it!

Can you see our tiny little car amongst the giant Sugar Pines?! Charlie, our DJI Mavic, has never been at this altitude before!

The Sugar Pine walk on Laurel Hill is one of the most easily accessible and absolutely stunning walks I've ever been on. The only noises were the echoes of the birds chirping in the chilly morning sunshine, and the soft crunching of dead pines underfoot. The only other place to have made me feel like such an ant was the Grand Canyon!

As well as this mumma and baby emu, and a super brave kangaroo (no, I did not crop this image and I only had my 35mm on!) we also saw three herds of Brumbies and an uncountable amount of dead wallaby :(

Who needs a toboggan when you have fresh snow?!

We hired our gear from First Tracks in Jindabyne (BRAND NEW Burton gear - yes please!) and headed on down to Thredbo late Sunday afternoon. When we arrived, there was no snow in the village what-so-ever. I was beginning to feel like I had overpacked with unnecessary items... But then it ALL hit on Tuesday with a casual 35cm worth of snow in 24 hours, and a further 20cm over the rest of the week! The entire village was a winter wonderland, and learning to snowboard in fresh powder was an amazing experience! I finally got off the learners slope and ventured onto a Green slope - first time with help, then my second time was completely solo, and Rohan actually took me down a Blue slope by mistake so we had to go cross-country to get back to the Green!

Fresh "adult" hot chocolates to defrost these old frozen bones


The heavens opened up for the most breathtakingly sunny day for our last day on the slopes! I actually injured my shoulder on the Thursday, so I decided to just get a Scenic lift pass and walk around the areas that allowed it. I went up the Kosciuszko Express for a mini hike around the top of the park, and then up Merrits to meet the fam-bam for our final lunch on the mountain.


We sadly packed our bags and left early Saturday morning. Some typical tourist spots were purposely skipped, and others were actually visited as a fluke!

I will definitely be visiting Thredbo again - gotta get past level 3 for snowboarding and onto those bigger slopes!